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Welcome to Ocean Valour 2015

The Brain Tumour Charity

Step by step

Tom and Lawrence have had a rather trying day or so as they approach the “Gateway to Salcombe” – also known as the English Channel.

Firstly a northerly wind shoved the guys south forcing them to wait out the blow on the parachute anchor, then just as the wind became more favourable they got smacked by the tide.  For the last 90 days the tide has been of little consequence to our team because of the lack of land.  Now they are finally approaching their target the strong tides around the mouth of the channel force Tom and Lawrence to battle hard just to stay in the same place.  However, there is a benefit to this in that when the tide does turn they will shoot along at a rapid rate of knots as the tide picks them up and carries them towards Salcombe.  At least for the moment it sees as though the wind is going to help, more than hinder them.

At 10:00 UTC the lads had 139nm to reach Salcombe their target.  However, the nearest piece of land to them is Bishop’s Rock which has traditionally been the eastern end of the North Atlantic Shipping Route. However, in order to claim the Guinness World Records for the youngest team to row across the North Atlantic they have 173nm remaining before they reach Salcombe. They should soon start to see the signs of land and maybe able to see the shimmer of lights in the night’s sky tonight (if that huge blue moon stops shining for a moment.)

Estimations for their arrival are slipping slightly based on their recent pace.  Gradually Monday is looking less likely (although it’s still not impossible) and Tuesday is moving into the picture but we won’t be certain until the guys are at least under 100nm away and closing in.

Please keep checking the arrival party page for latest predicted times of their arrival.

The one thing that has been increasing rapidly is the amount of donations that have been made to the Brain Tumour Charity.  We have been bowled over by the amount of donations that have been rolling in.  Thank you so much each and every one of you.  You are all helping to ensure that more people with Brain Tumours are diagnosed earlier, meaning they get better treatment and a better chance at survival.  You are literally saving lives.  Thank you.

If you haven’t yet donated and you’ve enjoyed following Tom and Lawrence’s journey then why not donate now?
The easiest way is via the Ocean Valour JustGiving page.

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