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Welcome to Ocean Valour 2015

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LOZ – Getting it DONE #justsaying

The last few weeks have been more hectic than you can imagine. I returned from skiing over Easter with news of successfully being granted unpaid leave from Frazer-Nash to row with Ocean Valour. That text from my manager will be saved for a very long time.

There was barely time to get over the rum filled hangover of après before I was sat down with a sore arse smashing miles on the ergo. I’m back to a steady level of fitness post skiing and my training has now been centred around some serious gains in the food department. Living out the fat boys dream, I am gorging my pastey white (soon to be brown) face into anything in my path from daily Camembert to Frij milkshakes (it’s amazing how you can throw 370 calories down in less than 10 seconds).

Speaking from advice from others, the focus is less on fitness now as there’s very little I can be doing with a week to go and much more important I’m rested, fed and flexible whilst avoiding injury. I’m taking light runs around Bristol harbour from work and keeping the metabolism ticking over. 

photo 2

I’m now chasing the gains of the flaming man I plan to spend the next 2 months in a boat with and am sitting at the heaviest Lawrence to date at 82kgs, 10kgs on what I was in November. I’m looking forward to cutting season on the row because blimey the work shirts are TIGHT. 

Psychologically I’m feeling almost worryingly stable, I’ve been meticulous in covering detail about the kit we need for the row and through daily updates from Tom have become more and more confident in the boat, planning and support crew we have for Ocean Valour. 

This has definately helped keep my head above water and amongst the mad chaotic rush to get my admin side up to speed, I’m feeling very level headed and at no point panicked by the undertaking. 

The last few pieces of the jigsaw have been to meet with the boat builder and manager, Justin for a run down on communications and electrics on the boat, Alex for ground operations and Roos our medic on call for a briefing on the meds. Each day has filled me with more confidence and the goodwill messages and support from everyone has been fuelling the excitement.

Thank you all so much for the donations through the JustGiving page, the messages on there have been amazing and I simply cannot wait to be rowing into that horizon!!

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