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Welcome to Ocean Valour 2015

The Brain Tumour Charity

Blog time!

Blog time! So a busy few weeks for all again; Toms been back offshore and I’ve been smashing it toward some mega deadlines but am now away with work also. Who said the life of a future rowing badman was easy? But we crack on.

Training is continuing nicely, we are seeing changes in not only our physiques, but the times we’re pulling on the ergs. Tom just smashed his 10km PB, I’ve knocked mine down and am building a far more efficient stroke. Both of us have felt little niggles recently so we have eased the tempo a little on the affected body parts; it appears to have solved it. From this we cannot emphasise enough the importance of building ourselves some robust machines that others may call bodies.

The construction of our boat, our b-e-a-utiful home for 60days (hopefully less) is well under way. But more of that to come in the next installation..

My designated row-time every day is being owned by what I’m referring to as the ‘mega-matrix’. A spider diagram covering every conceivable aspect of the row, from: food; training; the boat; electronics; communications; happy treats; reading around the subject; everything we could possibly want to know and everything we could conceivably need will, eventually, be covered. It is unearthing some interesting points that had escaped both Tom and I. Long may that continue.

The communications matrix is of particular importance. It covers our soul mean of contact with the outside world, our method of gathering met and strategic information, and if all goes t*ts up how we fix ourselves/ the boat/ tell them we’ve abandoned to the life raft. This has to be flawless. Fortunately for us, we have a ruthless son-of-a-gun to give my hard work an absolute smashing, finding every conceivable hole within the plan. Here it gives both Tom and I the great pleasure of introducing to you our Director of Operations, Tom’s next door neighbour, Lieutenant Colonel Alex Janzen, OBE, Royal Marines. As you can imagine, he has a somewhat spectacular wealth of experience under his belt. A man of this calibre has not much free time, and we at Ocean Valour are delighted but most of all grateful that he has accepted our request to join the team. So, from all of us, thanks Alex! Next beer is on me.

Here’s to the future,



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