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Welcome to Ocean Valour 2015

The Brain Tumour Charity

Team Ocean Valour; train hard, row easy…

–  So here we are, the first words on paper for Tom and I. To get the ball rolling lady and gents, I would like to introduce you to one of our favourite parts of preparing for a new expedition: the training! Vitally important, often underestimated with everything else ROW going on, moving about and expelling pent-up energy is what gets the boys of Team Ocean Valour through each and every day.






So what on earth do you do to prepare your body for a challenge like this? Well, we are keeping things simple. We are, after all, but simple West Country folk! The most prominent factor that we have to overcome is the sustained damage our bodies will have to endure. (Hopefully) 90 minutes of sleep at a time? 12 hours a day in the seat?  It will be nothing short of brutal. We have to be robust. So we are building robust bodies. Core stability work, compound lifts and movements, it’s all about trying to minimise the likelihood of injury for us, as, rocking it like Hans (solo..), if we get hurt we have nobody to give us a hug and a plaster, or pull us out. We will be forced to dig out blind to see it through; a prospect I’d far rather avoid.

As you can imagine, Tom and I are spending a fair bit of our time sat on the ergo machines putting the miles into our legs. For Tom, being a veritable ninja on the rowing machine (he got his nickname ‘Duracell’ age 3 yrs,  red hair, crazy & kept on going), it’s a new spring of life into an already established rowing career. I on the other hand am not so well acquainted with the task of rowing, so it’s proving a bit more of a learning curve. Thanks to the guys at Dartmouth and Totnes Amateur Rowing Club, (DTARC from now on in), I’m making solid progress. I’m relishing learning this new skill and love nothing more than a good physical challenge!

Well it can’t all be gym work (we’d get far too bored of that). Our active lifestyles continue as ever; climbing, running, surfing, cycling, we still need to get our fix. But to reiterate, we really don’t want to get injured. So, miles have been cut back and risks not taken when once they might have been.

So to sum it up; legs are getting stronger, techniques honed, bums and hands toughened to the hours on the seat. Morale is high regardless of the strains of working life (we really do believe in work hard, play hard), progress is being made, and we most certainly have the bit between our teeth. Long may it continue!

So for now, everyone, I bid you adieu.




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